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R&D strategy

Putting in place an efficient innovation strategy allowing for the selection of the best ideas, and then developing them into products requires a subtile interplay between R&D and product development teams. We can help you synchronize these processes to maximize their value and create a productive cohesiveness.

Partnerships for success
Innovation & product management
Tailored R&D roadmap
Quantifiable progress
& results
Partners you can trust

Your research projects usually require a diversity of expertise and areas to be covered and as a consequence it is common to need partners that are specialized and complementary. However, finding the right ones can be a difficult task. One needs to ensure they have the expertise necessary to achieve the goals in time and within budget and that their processes comply with the relevant regulations. Finding partners that can be trusted on all these aspects and maintain a productive long-term relationship with them is essential.

Thanks to our experience and understanding of your projects we can help you find the most fitting partners. Not only we can find them but we have the required skills to manage the relationship with them on your behalf, ensuring smooth coordination and performance criteria are met on time and on budget.

Innovation & product management

Our experts help product development and R&D operations executives navigate an ever-changing landscape to reliably produce new value. Our experienced collaborators will help you define, build, and launch the right offerings given your ressources and goals, and guide you until and after it reaches the market. We can support you in identifying the target market(s), find the relevant partners and achieve targeted sales and margin through the building of a performance-oriented operating model at all the levels of your organization, including compliance and quality assurance. We tailor our intervention to the maturity level of your company, its sector and geographical area.

R&D design and roadmap

An efficient R&D program needs ressources, capabilities, talent, a clear strategy and an alignment of all these elements. After evaluating the applicability and market potential of your innovation, we can help you harmonize your ressources and goals with your R&D strategy, efficiently prioritizing investments, finding the right partners as needed and developing the relevant capabilities matching the R&D programs. 

With your input and understanding your goals we can suggest a detailed plan of action and help you implement it from the idea to the market stages, and beyond with an evaluation of performance that is quantifiable and adaptations as needed to ensure we can reach the initial goal set.

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