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Corporate strategy

 We base our corporate advisory practice on your goals. We understand and help you formulate a clear and realistic ambition, based on your ressources and assets, and after a thorough consideration of the possibilities we provide a transformation roadmap that specifies the actions and decisions that will get you where you want to go.

+ 20%
improved margins
+ 22%
quality improvement
x 4-8
return on investment
costs reduction

Mergers and Acquisition strategy

Your M&A strategy should be a logical extension of your growth strategy, and should be based on a disciplined and repeatable model that supports frequent, ever larger deals. 

Our industry-leading work spans corporate strategy, private-equity investing and related disciplines. With more than 9,000 projects completed across virtually all industries and geographies we bring unparalleled experience and expertise to every facet of M&A consulting.

We'll work with you to:

  • Advise on strategy and screening, due diligence, integration, divestitures and separations, joint ventures/alliances, corporate finance, and much more.

  • Apply a comprehensive set of best-in-class diagnostics, frameworks, proprietary benchmarks and other analytics tools and capabilities to guide target prioritization and screening, integration workflows and other essential elements of successful M&A.


Investors relations strategy​

When you move from a traditional investor relations approach to one embedded in strategy, you get the valuation you deserve. We strengthen your position with investors by enhancing communication and establishing feedback loops that drive sustained growth.

Though most companies communicate regularly with investors, a staggering 90% of them don’t systematically link Investor Relations with Strategy teams. This opens the door for communication gaps and inconsistent messaging—both of which impair the equity story and ultimately weaken investor trust. At the same time, many companies don’t carefully segment their investor base, making it difficult to hold on to shareholders and court new ones. Embedding Investor Relations Strategy into your comprehensive Corporate Strategy protects you from critical blind spots while also helping you attract and retain the investors integral to your success.

We solve for the most common investor relations pitfalls with a proven five-step approach.

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