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Commercial strategy

We help our clients maximize commercial value by providing advice on marketing and  sales at all levels of the organization, as well as market access strategies

Marketing plan

We support our clients in creating high-impact marketing strategies that maximize value. We have detailed market data for all major geographic regions, including emerging markets. Our scientific expertise gives us a deep understanding of your R&D projects and products or future products, allowing us to tailor marketing plans to specific segments and geographical markets. 

Sales strategy

We guide our clients so they can reach their full sales potential without impacting efficiency. Our interventions can span the entire organization: restructuration of sales forces, training and coaching at all level, lead time optimization, development of strategies to improve short-term sales, and organizational transformation to create a cohesive structure that has a rapid and strong impact on sales.

Market access

We have a deep understanding of market access issues globally. We work closely with our clients to develop compelling real world evidence in support of their products to ensure the perception of their usefulness and therefore their acceptability is maximized for each geographical area. We gather and analyze field data to ensure the plans and advice we provide are routed in facts.

Improved margins
Sales & revenue increase
Tailored marketing plan
market access 
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